Top Reasons Why Playing Golf Is Good For Your Health

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Playing golf is fun and relaxing at the same time, but it is also good for your health. Some people are not aware of this. In fact, there are many reasons why golfing is good for your health. Find out what some of those reasons are by reading the rest of this article. Article sponsored by

1. Lose Weight

One of the reasons why playing golf is good for your health is because it can help you lose a lot of weight. Sure, taking a few swings doesn’t do much in terms of weight loss, but don’t forget that you do a lot of walking in between holes. Many health professionals believe that it is important to take at least 10,000 steps per day, and if you go to an 18-hole golf course and complete a game, then you may very well pass that recommendation. Sure, the steps you’ll take during a game of golf depends on a number of factors, but one thing’s for sure, and that is you could lose quite a bit of weight if you golf regularly.

2. Get Better Sleep

Everyone knows the benefits of getting sleep, and one of the reasons why golf is good for your health is because it can help you get better sleep. Many people believe that walking is associated with getting better sleep, and if you play a game of golf, then you may get a better night’s rest. If you struggle to get a good night’s rest, and you want to improve the quality of sleep you get, then consider playing golf on a regular basis.

3. Less Stress

Playing golf can reduce your stress levels, which can benefit your health in a number of ways. Most people know that stress is associated with a lot of health problems. As previously mentioned, golf is not only relaxing, but it is fun to play, which is why people flock to golf courses around the world. Best of all, you can go to a course and play a game or two by yourself, or you can grab a few friends and enjoy a few rounds of golf with them.

4. Stronger Bones

Everyone should be concern about their bone health as it is important, but not everyone gets enough calcium or do enough things to strengthen their bones. If you’re one of those people, then consider playing golf because it may play a role in making your bones stronger. This is because you carry your golfing bags from one hole to another, and this is a form of exercising. If you want stronger bones, then consider playing a few rounds of golf a few times per week.

5. Good For Heart Health

Golf is good for the heart too, and this is because you are getting a form of exercise. Sure, playing golf isn’t equal to doing sprints, but it is still a good way to promote heart health. Also, if you want to increase your chances of experiencing this benefit, then you should walk at a fast pace in between holes. You don’t have to go out for a full run or do a bunch of cardio to improve your heart health, as you can play a lot of golf instead.

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Those are the different reasons why golfing is good for your health. If you want to experience the many benefits of golfing, then you should head out to the nearest course. Remember, the above reasons are just a few reasons why golfing is good for your health, so start golfing on a regular basis and see if you can feel a difference.

Tips For Getting In Shape Before You Get Married

wedding fitness

Are you about to get married and want to look great in your dress? Depending on your current physical condition, it may take a bit of work to get into shape so that you look your best for your wedding day. While you are choosing centerpieces and wedding cakes, you can still keep to an exercise routine that will have you looking marvelous when you walk down the aisle. There are more than 2.3 million weddings in the United States every year and of these, the vast majority of brides and their wedding parties will begin exercising more and eating better in preparation for the big day.

Getting Into Shape

Before you begin, it is important to remember that losing weight will not make your a happier bride. In fact, dieting and planning a wedding at the same time may be a bit stressful which means you must want to do this. Feeling strong and healthy will certainly provide you with increased self-esteem and confidence as you approach your big day. Getting in shape also provides the added benefit of giving you extra energy which can help you deal with all the details of planning a wedding. Squabbles over meals, seating, and your new mother-in-law’s suggestions, can quickly drain your feel-good mojo. Eating well and exercising can give you the extra energy you will need to make it through the ceremony and reception.

exercise for weddings

How To Start

One of the most important things you must do is focus on the right goal. Instead of trying to lose a certain amount of weight, work on becoming your healthiest. Consider this as committing to yourself and keep that commitment all throughout your marriage. Talk with your doctor to ensure it is safe to start a weight loss and exercise program and then maybe meet with a nutritionist or trainer. Get familiar with the basics of getting healthy and losing weight. Build a program that focuses on the four basics of getting healthy: good nutrition, cardiovascular, stretching, and strength training. These four components are necessary if you want to reach your goals.

Develop A Good Workout Plan

As you begin, you may discover that selecting a diet and exercise plan may be more difficult than choosing your wedding reception venue. Just as with any major decision, you should begin by narrowing down your choices. No matter which program you choose, you want it to offer you fun and maximum energy. Other factors to consider are your current abilities, your body’s assets, and your dress style. Yes, this last one may sound funny, but some dress styles will require that individual elements of your body look good, such as your shoulders, your legs, or your back.

Even as you feel like you are drowning in wedding preparation details, you should still be able to find time to stick to a detailed weight-loss strategy. If necessary, get granular. Begin planning your meals. Look up recipes and buy the ingredients all at once so you can prepare several ahead of time and freeze them. Make appointments on your calendar for your workouts and then keep them. Keep your expectations realistic. It is a good rule of thumb to try and lose between four and eight pounds per month which means that if your wedding is two months away, it is not realistic to seek to lose 30 pounds by your wedding day.

Keep Eating

No matter which program you choose, remember you must keep eating. It is better to eat several small meals during the day rather than three big ones who help maintain your metabolism, and you will continue to burn calories.

When you are trying to lose weight and get in shape for your wedding, create a healthy weight loss and exercise plan. Create realistic goals and you will look incredible for your wedding day!

There Are Many Benefits To Hiring a Personal Trainer

Woman with Personal Trainer in gym

There are two ways to get into shape. You can do the exercises and routines on your own. Or, you can do them with the help of a personal trainer. What are the benefits of a personal trainer?

1. Personal Trainers Have the Knowledge That You May Not Have

When you workout in a fitness gym, you may or may not be sufficiently knowledgeable of the various equipment in the gym. Also, you may or may not know how to use free weights. But even if you consider yourself knowledgeable about how to use equipment and free weights in the gym, a personal trainer will likely be more experienced than you. He or she will also know what the best combination of exercises will be for your particular body type and goals. When you pay for a personal trainer, you’re paying for the experience the coach can give you.

2. Personal Trainers Can Motivate You

We all know how hard it can be to get up early in the morning to hit the gym, or even to stick to a workout routine once we get started with one. One of the jobs of a personal trainer is to motivate you to stick to your workouts each time and every time. They will be waiting for you to show up and they will be prepared to train you each time. Skipping a session with your personal trainer is not only hurting yourself but letting the trainer down. The good thing is that when you set up exercise sessions with an instructor, you’ll likely experience a mind shift. You’ll want to be the best you can be, and you’ll want to stick to your sessions. You’ll feel good that you’re making the commitment.

3. Personal Trainers Will Work You Harder Than You Normally Would

Often we try to work as hard as we can at the gym, but a personal trainer will often work you even harder than you thought possible. At first, we will find it difficult, and we’ll wonder how we can stick with the sessions and complete them. But the personal trainer knows that if you can push your body to accomplish what you thought was impossible, you will become not only natural fit but also mentally fit. Keep in mind that a personal trainer will never push you farther than you can physically go. They know that a certain amount of being uncomfortable during a workout is not harmful to your body but helpful to your body in the long run.

4. Personal Trainers Can Come To You

Meeting a personal trainer in the gym is not the only way to have a session. An instructor can meet you wherever the proper equipment exists. So, for example, if you have a home gym, a personal trainer can come to your home and train you there.

5. Personal Trainers Can Be Affordable

Not all personal trainers are affordable for the average budget, but many are. One of the best ways to find a personal trainer to fit your budget is at your local gym. Often the gym will work with gym members to provide personal training packages to fit every budget. You are also often given the opportunity to try a personal trainer out before you make a long-term commitment.

People who want to lose weight and to get in shape can benefit greatly from hiring a personal trainer. Not only do these instructors have the experience to whip your body into physical and mental shape, but they will motivate you to stick to your workouts each time and every time. Check your local gym for personal trainers on staff.

Why You Always Need A Dog Boarding Option Available

If you are a dog owner, then you know just what a joy and privilege it is to have a four-legged friend in your life. Often called man’s best friend, you know that the dog or dogs in your life are family, almost children to you.

They are an obligation. You have to train them, feed them, bathe them, and get them exercise. But you also get to play with them and their undying love and devotion. Unfortunately, you can’t be there for them all the time. There are cases where you have to leave them in someone else’s care for a while.

Dog Boarding for Travel

Most often, you need dog boarding when you travel out of town. The reason you travel usually does not matter unless it is a vacation or visiting family where taking your pets along is practical or possible. Be it work or whatever, there are many travel instances where your four-legged friends can not join you, so using a dog boarding option at home is necessary to know that they are cared for.

dog-boarding-for-travelOf course, there are cases where you are home or in town, and dog boarding is still a good idea. If you or anyone else in the house is laid up with a temporary physical ailment or injury, caring for dogs might not be necessary. If you have a lot of guests coming in for a party or weekend, dogs might get underfoot or even trigger allergies, and it might just be more convenient to have them out of the way. Check out what services are near you by checking out Facebook pages.

In cases where you have home improvement projects going on or even full blown renovations, you might find that dog boarding is also a good idea.

If you have other dog loving friends, then you possibly have a friend that you swap dog sitting with. It’s always a good idea to have a professional dog boarding solution on hand, though, just in case. Look for a place with great feedback, 24/7 supervision by certified specialists, air conditioning, and daily cleaning. If you’re lucky to live in a town that has high demand for dog boarding, you may even find a service that provides high-calibre luxurious dog boarding like LV Dog Hotel! If possible, go with a place that has webcams so you can check in on your pooch online anytime.

You want to spend every minute you can with your dogs, but you can’t possibly do it. Having a dog boarding option available means that you know they are well cared for when not around.

Advantages Of An Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

alcohol addiction treatment

Going to an alcohol addiction treatment center is one of those things where you have to look at the benefits. You want to know why this is the best fit for you. You want to know how this is going to help you in the long-term. Here are the advantages for you to analyze and understand.

They will play a role in your recovery.

Helps Remove Addiction To Alcohol Properly

Alcohol treatment is reliant on the job being done well because people are prone to snap back to bad habits. You want people to help you in a manner where things don’t fall apart. You can feel good about what is happening, and you can stick to what has been told which is a sign of a great alcohol addiction treatment center.


What about the speed of the treatment? Are you going to be going for treatment years down the road because it has not been working out? You want things to be done appropriately and quickly at the same time. You don’t want people who are guessing the entire time.

You want people who are quick and know how to set a deadline on what is being done.


“You want to have a structured approach to the addiction because if treatment is not being done well, it could have repercussions.” Gabrielle Miller of Vancouver Women’s Alcohol Treatment Centre stresses. “Your health is important and with people who are experienced and know the variations that can occur, it becomes easier to trust them.”

You can go with those who are providing controlled options, and that is key. You will enjoy what the are doing more than anything else. You will be able to remain on a plan, and that is ideal for a person who is struggling.

These are advantages most patients talk about when citing the best alcohol addiction treatment centers. They speak of this as one big package of benefits that you are going to receive. Over time, you will understand it is best to go with a reputable treatment center rather than one you are just going to because it’s close to where you live.

You want to choose the one that suits what you want which is the only way to come out of this addiction with a smile on your face and a new life ahead of you. It is best to look at these advantages as mandatory requirements.

Tips To Recover From Wisdom Teeth Removal

oral surgeon removing wisdom teeth

Are you going to the dentist to have your wisdom teeth removed? What are you going to face when the process is done? Will you be able to recover quickly or is this going to be rather a long wait in the end?

You will be able to recover quickly as long as you take the right precautions are are diligent about what you are doing to make yourself feel better.

Some people don’t do these things, and they pay for it with an elongated recovery period that is annoying and not easy to deal with.

1) Stick To Liquids

What are you going to be eating when it comes to the post-surgery period?

You will have to look at liquids as your primary source of fuel. You are not going to want to eat something that is rock hard because that will hurt a lot.

2) Rest

You just have to rest more, and that is a given. If you are not sleeping, you are not giving the body a chance to recover. It is just going to get worse. You need to provide it an opportunity to rest and just focus on the tooth and what has been done in that area of the mouth.

When you do this, it will start to heal faster, and that is when the recovery period goes down.

3) Salt Water

If you want to help the tooth get better along with the gums, you have to think about using salt water. Just rinse the mouth every few hours with salt water and you will start to feel better.

It is not going to work right away, and you are going to need to do this for at least a few days which will make your recovery time speed up, and that is what you want.

Salt water is a proven option that has always been recommended by dentists when it comes to your mouth.

Look at these tips and work on them when it comes to the plan you are going to make. Be ready because you are not going to be able to do this after the wisdom teeth removal and you are coming back home from the clinic.

You have to get these things ready and then use them when you want them the most.

All of these tips are the only way you will speed up that recovery time.

When To Perform Asbestos Testing in Your Home – Health Info

You may have heard of the adverse health effects of asbestos. It is a naturally occurring mineral. The issue for health is the nature of its fibers, which are long and thin, and the impact they have on the lungs, which results in mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma is a type of lung cancer and is a top cause of death for construction workers. For the individual homeowner, asbestos testing is necessary if there is a chance that your home might have asbestos.

Recognizing asbestos: ceiling tiles

Recognizing asbestos: ceiling tiles

Asbestos is fine if it is left untouched. Though, if you want to remove a popcorn ceiling or re-insulate or re-side your home, for instance, its presence is relevant to you. Asbestos was used as insulation and as a fire resistant material starting in the 1930s. Its manufacture ceased in 1984, and asbestos remained on the market until 1990. That means if you have a home built between 1930 and 1990, you will want to get an at-home asbestos testing kit, or hire someone to test your home for you.

Asbestos Testing Process

Every kit may be different, but the same basic principles will apply. The basic idea is to get the sample without kicking up fibers in the building materials on the suspected asbestos.

Recognizing asbestos: around piping

Recognizing asbestos: around piping

So, start by shutting down the air or heating system. Spritz the material you will sample with detergent-water to protect against letting the asbestos release. Cut out a sample of the material to be tested (paint chip, insulation material, roof shingle, siding, etc.) For a ceiling, just one teaspoon is necessary, whereas for more solid materials, such as flooring and siding, secure a one-square-inch sample. Seal the sample in a container, and label it with the proper identification. Send it in for testing.

The idea is to test beforehand to prevent movement of the fibers. This will prevent disease. Also, if your home does have asbestos, ensure that you hire a firm that is at the top of the list for safety because safe handling and removal are key where asbestos is concerned.

The one bit of bright light is that considering how prevalent asbestos use was, the rate of cancer is relatively low by comparison. Safe handling is necessary when dealing with asbestos, and it is not a do-it-yourself job. A professional asbestos testing company is specially trained and knows how to dispose properly of asbestos so that it does not create a further environmental hazard.

Information About Invisalign Braces

You have probably heard of Invisalign, but you might not know a lot about them. If you are considering getting them, you should know what they are. Read on to find that out, as well as the benefits they offer and how to get them.

1. What Are Invisalign Braces?

They are braces, but there is a difference between these types of braces and traditional braces. Invisalign braces are designed to help straighten teeth. They are custom-made for patients, and you change the aligners every few weeks until you have completed the treatment, which you will know is completed because your dentist or orthodontic specialists will let you know.

Invisalign-and-clear-braces2. Benefits Of Invisalign Braces
One of the best things about Invisalign is that nobody will be able to tell you’re wearing them unless they know you received them from the dentist. This is one of the reasons why many people prefer Invisalign braces to traditional braces. Not only that, but the treatment is effective, which means you could end up having straighter teeth when you have finished the treatment.

Perhaps the best thing about these braces is you can eat anything you want, which is not usually the case with other types of braces. Also, Invisalign is known for being comfortable, which means you should experience pain while wearing them. If you want to eat what you like, and you want to wear braces that are not going to cause you to be in pain, then your best bet is to look into getting Invisalign.

3. How To Get Them
Getting these braces is very easy to do, and you will want to schedule an appointment with your dentist, and they will tell you how to get the braces. However, if they are not able to fit you for Invisalign, they will likely refer you to an orthodontist, and they will fit you for the braces. Don’t worry though because getting fitted for the braces is easy to do and it’s not a long process and before you know it you will be given the braces and you will be told how long you will receive the treatment for and then your teeth will become straighter.

As you can see, there are many benefits of getting these types of braces. They are also easy to get. If you’re interested in getting Invisalign braces, then contact your local Edmonton orthodontist clinic today and tell them you want them.

Four Simple Health Tips

Maintaining good health is not easy for most people because it requires commitment and discipline. Furthermore, you are also obliged to change your lifestyle if you want to stay healthy. However, there are other are other things that you can do to stay healthy such as being active and thinking positive. Below are simple heath tips that can help you live a long healthy life.

1. Exercise Every Day

Exercise is the first thing that you need if you want to stay healthy. Exercising is important because you can maintain your weight and fight off aging factors. Furthermore, engaging in such activity helps lower cholesterol in the body and improves lean muscle. Another reason as to why exercising is essential when it comes to maintaining good health is because you also normalize your blood pressure and increase bone density when you exercise. That is why it is advisable that exercise on a daily basis.

2. Sleep Well

Enough rest is essential if you want to stay healthy. If you have a problem sleeping, you can try out relaxation techniques to help your body and mind switch to sleep mode. Sleeping gives your body time to repair damaged tissues and blood vessels. Lack of sleep can increase the risk of kidney diseases, heart diseases, and even stroke.

3. Eat A Healthy Nutrition

nutritious-mealsWhat you eat matters. Avoid eating foods that will make you gain weight. You can ask a health specialist to create a healthy meal plan for you if you do not know how to make one. Moreover, you meal plan should include foods that help increase energy such as whole grains, vegetables and fresh fruits. Furthermore, do not replace your diet with supplements because most of them are associated with toxicity and, therefore, they are not safe for you to use.

4. Always Think Positive And Avoid Stress.

Positive thinking contributes to a healthier immune system. Furthermore, it also boosts your overall health. It is advisable that you avoid stress and think positive to promote good health. Negative thinking and stress can cause your body to age faster and increases the risk of adrenal fatigue.


With these simple health tips, you can be able to maintain good health without the use of supplements or other extra elements used to promote a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, these tips will help strengthen your immune system and reduce cases of sickness.