The Importance Of Fitness Training For Security Guards

security guard fitness training

In a society where obesity is a growing epidemic, it is evident that health and fitness are important issues in every person’s daily life.  The increasing rate of weight gain throughout Western society can be blamed on various factors, such as processed foods and advanced technology promoting sedentary lifestyles; but, ultimately, a lack of fitness training lies with the individual.  If a person lives a sedentary life and is employed in an administrative job, there is little need for physical fitness beyond the need to stay healthy.  However, if an individual is used in a high-active position, the amount of fitness required is increased significantly.  This article will provide information on the importance of fitness training for people employed as security guards.

What Is A Security Guard?

A security guard, as can be assumed by the term, is an individual who acts as a physical security system and provides protection for people in a specified area.  Personal bodyguards are an advanced type of security guard as they are hired to protect a single individual for a prolonged period.  The personal guard must pay greater attention to the individual to manage their movements and ensure all interactions between the individual and external people are safe.

Despite the minor difference, the security guard, and personal bodyguard has similar responsibilities and duties.  Security guards protect larger groups of people and may be required to intervene in situations that seem dangerous.  To ensure all parties are kept safe, it is necessary for the security guard to have knowledge of suitable safeguarding techniques and non-violent protection methods.  Engaging these techniques will require a level of fitness; no one wants a guard who is out of breath when trying to protect the public.  Furthermore, guards often need to remain on their feet for several hours and should be able to do so without any difficulty. A good example of a company that has put the fitness of their bodyguards as a priority is Guardian Force Protection, their guards are trained to be fit and able to deal with any situation that requires fitness.

What Types Of Fitness Training Is Available?

1. Strength Training

As is mentioned above, security guards are required to protect people physically and intervene if there is the chance of unsafe activity occurring.  To increase a guard’s ability to complete this duty, it is recommended that the individual engages in strength training.  This will assist in building muscle to “hold back the rabble” if there is a need to do so.  Strength training is also beneficial as a means of losing weight and toning muscle.

Typical strength training exercises include repetition of endurance activities, such as leg lifts, push-ups, abdominal crunches, and weight lifting.  It is important to remember that this type of training is not necessarily used to increase the size of the muscle, but rather tone muscle and improve the strength of core muscles.  It may be tempting to engage in various endurance exercise routines immediately; however, taking on too many routines too quickly may be counter-effective.  This is why personal trainers are used, and routines are customized to your current abilities.

2. Cardiovascular Training

While the essential shopping mall security guard may find their position dull, there is always the chance that trouble will stir, and a security guard will be needed immediately.  To ensure you are prepared for such an emergency, it is recommended that you engage in cardiovascular exercises.  This type of training involves routines with running, power walking, jogging, and jumping exercises.

The aim of a cardiovascular workout is to raise a person’s heart rate and increase the blood circulation throughout the body.  Aerobic exercises are beneficial; however, these activities should be customized to ensure the training is completed according to current abilities.  Never push yourself too much or the training could be disadvantageous and will lead to physical injury instead of fitness.