The Surprising Health Benefits Of Window Tinting

UV RadiationMost people tint their car windows to improve privacy and protect upholstery from fading. Others do it to enhance the security especially those who have valuables in their cars e.g. laptops. When you install a tinted window, you stop prying eyes in parking lots from seeing what is inside your car and consequently protect your valuables. However, did you know that tinting your car windows have health benefits?

Here are health benefits of window tinting:

Protects you against skin cancer

If you are exposed to ultraviolet rays of the sun that penetrate your car window over a long period, it can damage your skin by causing premature ageing or even skin cancer! In fact, studies show that long time drivers have rougher and a more pigmented skin due to exposure to UV rays of the sun. They are therefore prone to skin cancer among other skin problems which may develop due to exposure to the sun. Tinted windows in cars reduce UV rays by about 99% reducing the risk of developing any of these skin problems especially if you drive a lot.

Extra health benefits

In addition to protecting you from developing skin problems, quality window tints reduce heat inside your car or even your home to make you feel comfortable. Window tint for homes is very economical because you don’t need to run your air conditioner during the day as the tint windows will regulate the amount of heat in your house. If you have problems with glare in your home, installing window tint for homes can help you have improved vision to avoid straining your eyes when driving or when in your home. You just need to install a quality window tint, and you will regulate the amount of light getting in your car or home.


In case you are involved in a car accident or a collision, tinted windows are safer because they don’t scatter. The film used binds the glass together to avoid the shards of glass from hurting those inside the car. In some instances, since these windows are stronger because of the tinted film added, they can act as a barrier to keep a person from going through the window, especially during a collision.