In-Home Care For Seniors – The Best Solution?

Elderly woman dependent receiving in-home care from family.


Both my sister and my mom have both provided in-home care services for a senior citizen, the same one. They aren’t licensed or anything like that, but there is a close family friend that has required help in recent years after having a stroke and being diagnosed with cancer. She’s in her mid to late 70’s, and other than my mom and sister, the family has been caring for her.


At times, she has needed more personal care and attention than she usually does, but so far, they have been able to manage without hiring professionals for in-home care. The other alternative, of course, would be to admit her to a nursing home or other type of residential living center for seniors. They don’t want to do that, and so they paid my mom and sister to help her and take good care of her. As a matter of fact, my mom still does.


However, the last few days, the family friend has been taking a turn for the worse. She had to go back to the hospital today, and it’s uncertain as to how things are going to go from here. She is septic at the moment and also, while my mom has been taking care of her, recently, she was put in a home for proper medical attention and personal care. She wanted to be close to her husband, and the home was the best option, not in-home care services. My mom was still paid to visit her daily to provide the same care she was getting when living at home.


If our family friend had chosen to stay near the rest of her family in Houston, then she could have been at home. However, she wanted to live near her husband, and he has not been able to take care of her needs. He needs about as much help as she does, although he does live at home. The family could have provided in-home care services or paid for them to come to the house, but I don’t think they want them living together.


Elderly dependent couple, woman in wheelchair.

Elderly dependent couple, woman in wheelchair.


I’m not even sure she wants to live with him either, but she does want to be close to him. He abuses opiate patches and just isn’t a healthy person, but they love each other. Regardless, that’s the decision the family has made. Do you need to get Vancouver in home senior care services for someone in your family? If so, then it’s time to look into the differences between in-home care for seniors and checking them into a residential facility.


You’re going to be looking at the differences in costs for sure. You’ll want to know what insurance is going to cover, too. At this point, you’ve identified any possible solutions for taking care of things on your own, and you have realized that your family member needs additional care. In-home, residential care services provide everything seniors need so that they can keep living in their homes. That certainly sounds like the best solution if it’s affordable and manageable.


Remember that every situation is different, and you want to listen to your loved one’s concerns and desires. He or she might want to be in a residential facility as opposed to living at home. Or, it might be the other way around. The example I provided you involved a family friend that chose both at different times of her life. Right now, she’s likely to go back to the residential treatment center, yet still have a daily visitor with my mom. Now it’s time for you to make the best plans for your loved one.

Personal present for grandparents.

A personal present for your grandparents.