Poor oral hygiene can lead to a range of medical and dental problems like strokes, heart disease, bone loss, infections, gum disease and more. Regular checkups as well as cleanings prevent these problems and offer you with best oral hygiene.

1. To prevent oral cancer

Somebody dies from oral cancer each hour of every day in the US alone, as by the oral cancer foundation. During a dental cleaning, the dentist also screens you for oral cancer; oral cancer is very curable if diagnosed early.

2. To prevent gum disease

It is an infection in the gum tissues as well as the bone that keep the teeth in place. It is amongst the leading causes of tooth loss in adults. If detected early, in the gingivitis stage, it can be treated as well as reversed. If no treatment is received, it will advance to a more severe stage called periodontitis. Frequent dental cleanings and checkups by your dentist, brushing twice per day and flossing daily are major factors in preventing it.

3. To assist maintain best physical health

Research has linked strokes and heart disease to gum disease, an outcome of poor oral hygiene. Dental cleaning each six months helps in maintaining your gums and teeth healthy and possibly reduces the risk of strokes and heart attacks.

4. To keep your teeth

Gum disease is amongst the leading causes of adult tooth loss. Frequent dental cleanings and checkups, flossing and brushing, are important to keeping your teeth. Keeping your teeth implies proper chewing function as well as ultimately, enhanced health.

5. To diagnose dental problems early

Your hygienist and dentist can diagnose any dental problems with your gums and teeth early. Early detection of gum diseases, broken fillings and cavities are highly curable. If these problems are not treated, removal of teeth, gum surgery, and root canals are the only treatment alternatives. cedarridgedental.ca said: Just by getting a checkup every 6 months, you can save yourself from ridiculously expensive treatments that result from prolonged absence of cleaning.

6. To maintain excellent oral health

Pancreatic cancer, strokes, and heart diseases have been linked to gum disease. Frequently visiting the dentist for cleanings and checkups helps avoid gum disease, hence promoting enhanced overall heath.

7. To utilize your dental insurance plan

Dental insurance plans pay for most of or all the cost of dental checkups and cleanings each six months. You should take advantage of this as well as save money in the end by avoiding expensive dental procedures which are a result of poor oral hygiene.

8. To create a treatment plan

If the dentist detects any dental problems, the dentist will offer you a treatment plan. The treatment plan must have the cost of every procedure that will be required, so as to discuss financial
arrangement with the front office.

9. To have a white and bright smile

Your hygienist or dentist can remove most tea, coffee, and tobacco stains. During your checkups and cleanings, your dentist will polish your teeth to an amazing shine. The outcome? A brighter and whiter smile!

10. To prevent bad breath

Dental studies have shown that 85% of people with halitosis or bad breath have a dental problem. Good oral hygiene is significant in preventing halitosis. Frequent cleanings and checkups are the perfect ways to ensure that you maintain good oral hygiene.